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How To Build An Affordable Gaming PC

We already covered how to find an affordable gaming pc, this time we’re going to focus on how you make it even more affordable, building it yourself! Building a gaming PC is often a time consuming and can be slightly challenging in the beginning, but in the end, it’s both a fun and affordable way to get your next gaming rig.

Before we go through some tips about the components, let’s go through some general advice. First off, don’t be afraid to build with older parts. You don’t have to buy the latest hardware, often a bit older components will still be potent enough to run current games. If you already have some hardware, you can in some cases use it in your new computer and save some money on that component.

Graphics card: The graphics card is the most important component in a gaming PC. If there’s one thing to spend a bit more on it’s the graphics card. Consider what games you want o play and at what frame rates you think ålaying those games are acceptable. You should also consider if you want to update the graphics card at a later point. If you get a lower end graphics card now you can still play some games and upgrade later. Make sure, however, that the system can support the graphics card you’re thinking of upgrading to. Not all graphics card works with all computers.

Processor: The processor is the component that is most likely going to be the bottleneck if you are going to upgrade the graphics card. Aim to get a CPU that can run the games you want to play and supports the graphics card you aim to get.

RAM: A common mistake in buying RAM is getting either too little or too much. Sure, more ram is nice but there are often better things to spend money on in gaming PCs. Too little RAM will make the computer too slow and you’ll have trouble running some games. Aim for 8GB ram, more is often excessive and less is often too little.

Chassis: Don’t spend too much on the case. A chassis with enough space for your components and good airflow is all you need. Some chassis have inbuilt fans, so you don’t have to spend extra on additional fans and is often a good budget-savvy choice.

Power Supply: You often don’t need a massive 750+ watt power supply. In some systems, 300 watts is good enough. There are many good options when it comes to the best power supply for a budget gaming PC. You can often find affordable power supplies that are good enough for most games. But don’t get the cheapest one you can get; you need enough juice to run the whole system and the wrong power supply can in the worst case brick your entire system.

HDD and optical storage: If you are building an affordable gaming PC, it’s often on these components you can save the most. These days you can usually skip the optical drive. Almost all games are found online on services such as Steam or Gog. You also won’t need a massive hard drive. If you run out of storage, you can always easily buy more.

Motherboard: When getting a motherboard, make sure it fits your build. Every component won’t work with every motherboard! To save some money on the motherboard, you can skip out on features you will rarely use such as overclocking functionality.

Now that you have some ideas about what hardware to get, it’s time to start assembling the PC. Some companies will assemble a PC that uses the components you selected, but you can often save money by building it yourself. We won’t go into details on how to build it but there are many excellent tutorials on building a PC all over the web.

How To Find An Affordable Gaming PC

Have the price tags of new, modern gaming PC’s left scars on your mind? Have the high prices perhaps even reduced your interest in the gaming itself? No more! We have gone through many websites and links and found a way to satisfy your gaming thirst. We are here with the most awesome and affordable gaming PCs.

‘What’? You may be at a loss for words or even find it little unbelievable. That doesn’t matter, the result and the end product matters a lot. Why wasting time, when we have so many things to do? We need to know about the best devices, bring them in and assemble and start playing! Isn’t it? Are you ready?

Well, when it comes to budgeting, it isn’t as easy as said. The task might sound interesting, but it is even tougher and time-consuming. Hey, but we didn’t say impossible!

But now is an ideal time to get an affordable laptop. With Black Friday coming by the end of the month you know you can find some excellent $1500 gaming laptop black Friday 2017 deals.

Black Friday 2017

You should buy the right parts and the right specifications. Otherwise going to the repair stores would take in more money than the actual device. Come-on lets traverse the path together and build a gaming PC-just right for you in all terms.

We are now concentrating mainly on the hardware parts, as they are the most important parts and difficult ones to get too. Rest software and few others, you may buy it on your friend’s reference, or wait for us to put it up.

CPU: this is the most important part of any computer. And for gaming PC this is no exception. After much search and research, we have found that Intel is the true pioneer in the industry. Intel Core i3 6100is the best budget-friendly CPU in its range. Never too low on quality, this is a dual-core CPU. You can anytime upgrade to its other versions like 5s and 6.

Graphics Unit, GPU: AMD and NVidia are the best brands for this year, in GPU’s. The AMD RX 480 is the preferred choice for a budget buying as it has a memory of 8GB and good performance. In case a need for up gradation, you can do so easily. Or otherwise, you can anytime modify the settings part of your gaming requirements and go on playing.

Motherboard: this is the mother of all processes. It communicates with the CPU and the peripheral devices. For a budgeted buy, MSI H 1101 Pro is the best one. It’s compact and easy to use and install. This should be a great option for a new gamer. It doesn’t support overclocking, but it shouldn’t drop out of the list, as it is the best for its price. If you want a better option, be ready to spend a little more and you have plenty of options.

Storage: Here, the capacity doesn’t matter, but the SSD matters. You buy even a lesser capacity, but if you go for SSD, you are assured of its performance. So, in the value of money and performance, Samsung 850 EVO is found to be the best bet.

Memory: when you are choosing this, think of some good brands and the capacity you want. Simply going by a word will not work out for all of us. We say in the best possible interest, but can’t be assured if your mind has different calculations. So, here Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 is the cheapest among all and its 8GB capacity.

These are essential components required by any PC gamer. If all this goes well, within the prescribed budget, then you got an awesome and affordable gaming PC. And getting them home is even easier, just order online.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Gaming Laptop?

A scenario that no gamer wants to encounter is when a laptop crashes or refuses to react at a crucial stage in a game. This is something that all small time and big time gamers have faced at some point. As a basic rule, when you try to pack heavy performing processors, graphic cards, sound cards etc. into a laptop, maintaining it is critical.

  1. To keep your hardware working fine, it needs to be in good condition. Make sure you keep your laptop dust free. Apart from keeping the outer surface clean, it is important to clean the hardware from time to time.
  2. Keep an eye out for releases such as updates or fixes for your operating system. The manufacturers will always come out with fixes for issues that crop up. If you keep your operating system with these updates, the OS will perform better.
  3. The next critical aspect will be drivers or software updates. For gamers, the drivers and the software performs a major chunk of the work. Both have a direct impact on the performance of the laptop. When new games are released, they tend to have issues with performance and stability of the drivers. Updates and fixes are released to address these issues. In addition, the companies address issues relating to security features. All of this will be taken care of when the drivers are kept current.
  4. Viruses can seriously cripple your laptop. Once it infects your system, a lot of damage will be done before you can even identify the problem. Not only do these viruses affect the system’s memory but expose your confidential information too. A good virus protection is like an investment. You should buy a licensed version that will allow you access to frequent updates, information about recent viruses etc.
  5. One of the lesser known tools to have shorter loading times in laptops is “defragment”. What this does is to defragment the data clusters. In simpler terms when a request is made for a file that has been moved more than a couple of times, the system spends more time trying to locate it. When you defragment, it aligns the file in a sequence reducing the work on the system.
  6. It is always a good habit to check the hard disk for problems or a system errors. It is possible and this can be dealt with by running the “check disk” function. This will improve the overall stability of the hard disk.
  7. A laptop is a wonderful multitasking system but it is used beyond its abilities when people run many programs at one go. When you are playing a game, and do not have a use for a certain program, make sure you close those. It is important to close unwanted applications and programs and then play the game. This will drastically improve the gaming experience.

Laptops were originally meant to be smaller versions of personal computers that can function like one when you are on the move. However, with time they have taken on greater and many more functions. You can extend its life by taking care of it but it is necessary to supplement it with additional hardware whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Insist on buying certified and licensed products for your laptop. This will help you to make the best out of your laptop at the same time extending its life.

Top 3 reasons why your business needs an upgrade in technology

Time and technology go hand in hand. By the time a product is launched, the next version is in the pipeline. That’s how fast the growth takes place. The thinking hats of the scientists and the engineers are perpetually on. The question – how can this product be made better? – is always on their minds. The same work can be done in five minutes or fifty. It all depends on how advanced the technology is. The efficiency of the work is increased when the products are upgraded.

At the workplace, for example, when the computers and printers are up to the mark, the work is completed faster and at a better rate of efficiency. For a demanding job even using a gaming laptop for work can be the thing that makes it all work smoothly. The deadlines are met when the system suddenly does not hang. Technology upgrade ensures that you can time when the system has to update itself so that you are not left hanging at crucial hours.

Top 3 reasons why your business need an upgrade in technology

1) Advantage over competition
Today’s market is all about which product is better and which sells more. The more advanced, the more liked are the items. Take a cellular phone for example. A phone with a better RAM and a higher megapixel on the camera is likely to have more fans. End of the day, it is all about the speed. No one likes to watch a web page that takes forever to load. The faster the results are produced, the better the sales of the product.

The increase in the mobility and the flexibility is high when you use the latest technology. The productivity is directly proportional to the rate of advancement in the technology utilized.

2) Communication
When there are different branches or franchises, the employees need to share their documents and ideas in a safe and secure way. In a world where hacking is also ethical, it is vital to keep the trade secrets and unpublished testing of products away from competition. Encryption of data and use of software such as vera crypt must be enabled. This technology is an absolute must especially when research takes place. In this dog-eat-dog world, a good secure system enabled by the best technology is a must if the business must get ahead.

3) Costs
While the initial costs of setting up good technology will be fairly high, the long term profits are high too. Today, one needs to run really hard just to stay in the same place. Time is money, my friend. Time saved is money earned. The better the technology, the more the chances of profits. Repairs and maintenance costs are avoided when regular replacements of age-old technology are done. It is time for an upgrade and an update when you spend more money trying to repair something. The cost of a new machine would be much lesser.

The question, when was the last time the technology at your workplace was updated, has to be answered. The sooner the upgrade is done, the better it is for the business on the whole. The employee’s satisfaction rate and subsequently the morale also increase because the efficiency and the productivity are bound to improve simultaneously.